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Star Trek Wedding?

Patty and Art's wedding ceremony. Now you can experience Art and Patty's wedding from the comfort of your computer chair. You can view the ceremony in its entirety utilizing one of two easy formats.

If quality is what you seek, and you're on a high-speed connection, please CLICK HERE TO VIEW AN 18 MB MPEG VIDEO. The quality is OK, though the file size is quite large. If you're on a dial-up connection, be prepared to wait a half-hour or more for the six-minute video to download.

For those of you on slower connections, we suggest you CLICK HERE TO VIEW A 1.6 MB REAL MEDIA FILE. The video quality is pretty blurry, but you'll get the gist of everything. To download a free Real Media player, click here.

As I mentioned in the Wedding section, we were thrilled with how the ceremony played out. It had its moving, tasteful moments and it had its fun, cheeky moments. To us, it was a perfect balance of elements for our wedding. The minister was very kind and gentle, and seemed intent on making everything turn out nicely. We asked the Star Trek people if we could inject some Klingon pizzazz into the ceremony after we exchanged our vows, and they obliged us.

So what you are about to view is a fairly low-key ceremony, followed by the official Klingon marriage rite.