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Star Trek Wedding?

A Ferengi tries to strike a deal with us.After we trekked through the Trek Experience, we headed over to Quark's Bar and Restaurant for our reception. We had a large semi-private table on a deck that overlooked the spacey bar. Art and I purchased gifts for our guests in advance that were already at our table -- little stuffed guys, various badges, books, and mugs. I secretly bought a gorgeous Klingon pocket watch for Art as a wedding gift and he loved it. We all ordered "specialty" drinks from the bar, which came in an array of exotic shapes, colors, and consistencies. I ordered a huge smoking drink called a Warp Core Breach, which made me quite drunk even though I nursed it all night. Art got pretty sloshed, too. Despite the menu's creative names for dishes (ex: The Wrap of Khan), everyone ordered steak.

Patty trades a Philly cheesesteak for the Rubies of Braxis to enhance relationships between Ferengi and Breen.A pair of Ferengi stopped by to accost/entertain us as we dined. We met them when we first arrived, but were too distracted to coherently interact with them. Over dinner, I had a blast with the Ferengi -- I bartered with them to obtain their "Rubies of Braxis" necklace (I convinced them that people in Philadelphia use Cheesesteaks for goods and services, and I promised I'd send them a precious cheesesteak as a trade for the "jewels.") Later, I showed them my driver's license to prove I was really a "Breen" and that led to a fun exchange (The Breen are rather infamous Star Trek characters depicted in Deep Space Nine.)

The man of the hour: Greg The Waiter."Greg The Waiter" was the real star of the show, and we liked him an awful lot. Not only did he smother us with food and drink, he also regaled us with Trek speak, a fun sense of humor, and plenty of gossip about the Star Trek attraction.

Following dinner, Art and I cut the cake and neatly fed pieces to each other. Miroslav led a champagne toast not long after that.

Patty and Art feed each other cake.Patty chews cake while Art looks cute beside her.

We chatted, drank, and munched until the attraction shut down, which was a little past 11 PM. The time flew by -- it's still hard to believe we kicked back at Quark's for over three hours. Art and I were on top of the world; we felt like we were the King and Queen of the Star Trek universe for the entire evening, and it was everything we'd hoped for. It was also quite rewarding to be surrounded by friends and family in such a fun environment, and we deeply appreciated the presence of everyone who flew out to Vegas to be there. We eventually bid farewell to Murat and Mary and headed back to the Goth room to unwind a bit with Miroslav.

Art and Miroslav pose by the big pink.We all giggled at the wedding video together back at the Goth room until 1a.m. Then, after posing for some photos alongside the Viva Las Vegas pink Cadillac, we jumped in a cab and tried to find "The Hooka Lounge," another destination outlined in The Irreverent Guide to Las Vegas. Alas, the trip was in vain seeing how the lounge closed early that night, so our chatty cab driver brought us to The MGM Grand.

The three of us strutted around the MGM in our fancy duds and ultimately migrated to a quiet coffee spot, where we gabbed for another hour or so. The MGM Grand is the world's largest hotel and it was quite nice inside, if a bit nondescript. We fiddled around with a few MGM slot machines, then finally headed back to our motel around 3:30 a.m. Since we had to check-out of the motel by noon the next day, we packed up some items in preparation for Tuesday's move.

Art and I spent the rest of the evening in mushy newlywed bliss and finally drifted off to sleep in the ultra-soft coffin bed around 6:00 a.m.

Art and Patty: officially hitched.

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