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Star Trek Wedding?

Most of our "professional" photos of the wedding came out too dark (particularly the backgrounds). But hey ... what can you do? At least we have a good video and decent homegrown pictures. Therefore, with one exception, the following photos were all shot by A Special Memory, Las Vegas. We have other pictures scattered across the rest of the site, so make sure you check those out, too.

Art and Patty's current favorite photo.Art and Patty smooch. Note how dark the background is.

Art and Patty pose with the Enterprise crew who served during our wedding.From left to right: Mary and Murat Tanyel, Miroslav Klivansky, Patty, Art, and the Enterprise crew.

The photographer had us pose for two funny 'Enterprise in motion' pictures. This is our favorite of the two.The second 'Enterprise in motion' shot -- sporting huge flash bursts. Is Miroslav a ham or what?

I swear that the best picture we received was of the Klingon.Miroslav snapped this photo at the reception, and it's Art's favorite shot of Patty. Note the crazy smoking drink!

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