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Friends & Associates

William Patty's award-winning biographical website on cult filmmaker William Girdler. This will be a book very shortly, so catch it while it's hot. Also, feel free to grab a copy of the Asylum of Satan DVD, which features liner notes and audio commentary by Patty.

Charm City Diva: Leslie gone wild! Patty's former roommate's neato website.

CeMego: A mind-melting website by Chad, an old college friend. Also check out Steve's site.

Colonial Metal: Art used to work here with Ned and Charlie. Ned owns the joint, so you should compliment him on his fine artwork.

Tony and Lisa's Eco-Village: Patty's designing this site for our friends/neighbors Tony and Lisa.

Meda: Steve Peters' latest comic book collaboration.

Ozzy Lookalike: Don Wrege looks a lot like Ozzy, and does he ever flaunt it! A very funny fellow.

Art's Gallery At Gelfling CollegeCornucopia of Art & Patty Net Haunts

Bad A cool movie website created by an equally great guy who's been very supportive of Patty's Girdler website.

Joe Bob Briggs: Another fellow who's been very supportive. One of Patty's favorite funny writers.

Wild and Woolly Video: I wish we had a video joint like this in my town. Patty designed the main site, too.

Cosmic Therapy: Comic books and other fun. Home of Sirius Entertainment, Patty's old comic book publisher.

The Red Elvises: Our favorite band should be YOUR favorite band.

American Song-Poem Archive: We've traveled halfway across the country to hear Song-Poems. One of our favorite guilty pleasures.

The Oddball Auditorium Archive: The most amazing collection of insane music ever compiled ... closed its doors in September 2004. Until it returns, visit THIS BLOG.

Dana Countryman: A superb assembly of interviews and images related to cheeseball music.

David Sylvian used to be one of Patty's favorite musicians. He's released nothing but pretentious crap lately, but this site has plenty of material from when he was good.

The DamnedThe Damned: One of Art's favorite bands. He's especially fond of Captain Sensible (who hates David Sylvian).

Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire: Another Patty music fave.

Lords of Acid: Lords of Acid haven't been the same since Jade4U left. But their old stuff is still fun.

Freeworld: Website honoring the late great Kirsty MacColl.

Flute and Art and Patty make beautiful music together as a result of the sheet music available on this site.

Monster Engine: Oh my God, is this project brilliant or what?! A must-see. That's the amazing Dave Devries, by the way, who was one of the three most interesting artists I met while doing comic books.

Steve Ellis: Steve was my favorite person working in comics when I was putting out Kiss and Tell. I was and I remain in awe of his talents ... he's truly one of the best. I imagine he's still a little peeved at me for fleeing the comic book world without even saying a polite 'goodbye,' so go check out his site and make it up to him for me.

Brendan Monroe: Nifty art!

Periodic Table of Comic Books: Comic books organized by their corresponding elements.

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers: The site's title speaks for itself.

Villain Supply: Your source for everything evil. If you want to bump off James Bond, this is the place to buy gear.

Banzai Institute: Buckaroo Banzai's website. One of Art's faves.

Ferrets!Extreme Weezils: Art and Patty have three pet ferrets, and this is their ferrets' favorite website.

Neil Gaiman: The reigning king of fantasy writers. There's a long story about Patty, Gaiman, and a Barbie Whistle Torch, but it would take way too much effort to explain it.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Huge mythology and folklore database.

Reason: Though she's not a libertarian, Patty enjoys this mag.

Spinsanity: The best unbiased media watchdog duo ... has retired as of 2005. Very depressing.

Muppet Central: Who doesn't like Muppets?

The Book of Habidabad: Superb website dedicated to The Dark Crystal, Patty's favorite movie.

Weird Al Yankovic: Homepage of the Al-Mighty.

Font Diner: You'll recognize many of the fonts Patty uses if you visit this site. Lovely fonts at reasonable prices.

Webmonkey: "Everything I know about html I learned at Webmonkey." A solid web design resource, if a bit out of date.

Draft Wesley Crusher: Why not? He's as qualified as Arnie.

Brains On Film: Funny cult movie site by crazy Kentuckians. Not for the easily offended. ADULTS ONLY!

Shocking Videos: Another great resource for rare films. Make sure to check out their line of Turkish movies! ADULTS ONLY!

Sam Patty uses this site to stalk people online. A great web resource.

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