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Yes, there's a bathroom in the kitchen …replete with a bathtub! In fact, it's the biggest of the two bathrooms. The previous owner had problems walking up the stairs so he remodeled the bottom floor to serve as an apartment of sorts.

This good-sized J-shaped add-on room was built atop the backyard patio, and it's going to be my office if I have my way. The room was used as a bedroom by the previous owner. More cheap paneling and dirty, cheap carpeting, but the room is heated and air-conditioned. One wall is real wood. The inspector suggested that Art should reinforce the main support beam in the ceiling. Dig the antlers.

My biggest disappointment: the unfinished mud-room. I was very excited about the mud room until the inspection. This room is the craziest add-on … the previous owner built it around the exterior of the house. You can see the porch siding and the green walls! In fact, he enclosed the cable box when he built this room. This room is visible from a window in the kitchen. It's neither heated nor air-conditioned.

The real crime is the fact that the inspector didn't think the floor was structurally sound … the floor is comprised of thin pieces of board. I wanted to use this room for my turtle tanks, but that's not a good idea given their weight. The floorboards are about two feet above a solid concrete patio foundation, so Art says he's going to fill up the space with cinderblocks and then re-cover it with thicker floorboards. It's the first priority project on our house "to-do" list.