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Ah yes the living room. I've a number of nits to pick in this room. The condition of the carpeting is atrocious. (The carpets in the house conceal hardwood floors.) I don't know what Martha Stewart would deem worse: a flat-colored prison cell or our living room with its iridescent 1980's pastel wallpaper. Uglier yet, the wallpaper features a subtle vertical stripe pattern and since the wallpaper wasn't glued on straight, the shiny, crooked lines give you vertigo. The paneling is cheap, but luckily it's falling down. The inspector told us that the brick fireplace is an original feature of the house, but the previous owner SANDED DOWN the bricks and added a finish to ensure that it looked as tacky and fake as possible. The previous owner also broke the flue. The wall behind the fireplace is solid pine, and it's pretty nice. The ceiling is a little over 9 feet high, which is perfect for Art's height.

Of all the rooms, the dining room is the easiest on the eyes in its current state. The dining room's sit-in windows are charming, and there's a modestly tasteful combination of wallpaper accents and competent color choices. It's totally not in line with our tastes, but it's still a nice room. The ceiling fan is very high-quality as opposed to most of the other cheap fans around.

The only respectable use of wallpaper in the entire house. Too bad the carpet's a mess.

The kitchen looks cute in the pictures, but it's pretty dirty in reality. The self-cleaning stove/oven is very new, yet the dishwasher's usability remains dubious. The countertop is cheap plastic with a fake marble finish. However, the original GRANITE countertop is down in the basement. It weighs a ton I don't know how we'd get back upstairs. Plus, I don't know if it fits the current design of the kitchen counters (the kitchen was re-modeled cheaply at some point). The original cabinets are also in the basement.

I didn't snap a photo of the back of the kitchen, which is riddled with bowed paneling. The worst of the house's bad paneling is found in the rear kitchen (and it's all falling down). There's a hookup for a washer/dryer in the rear kitchen.