Our Old House
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This is our house in all its straight-on MINT GREEN fury! Many of the homes in the area sport unusual designs and unique color schemes, but none is as unrepentantly MINT GREEN as our house.

I was pretty horrified the first time I laid eyes on the green exterior, but I've grown to respect it. The house is probably a landmark on the street. ("We live three doors down from that green house.") And given the volume of interior fix-ups that need to be completed, the exterior is not a priority. However, we do plan to re-paint the window frames as soon as possible so we can break up the mint a bit. We're thinking about a dark blue-green color for the window frames ... kinda like the blue-green on this mini-site.

The enclosed porch (aka our "Florida Sun Room") is pretty nice. It's spacious and it houses two ceiling fans. We were a little concerned about the roof over the porch (it's sagging in a spot that looks like it's been reinforced), but the inspector assured us that the roof is in decent shape. The carpeting in the sun-room was poorly laid ... which means it's consistent with the carpeting in every room in the house.