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Peruse this small cyber gallery of Art's fine artwork, in which you'll see paintings and drawings and sculptures, OH MY! There's quite a bit of nice work here, most of which pre-dates Art's decision to earn an extra degree in industrial design (on top of his Bachelor's Degree in fine metals).

Art's gallery

Read a rare, vintage comic story written by Patty for Riot Magazine. You can also learn how you can purchase a comic book featuring stories by Patty and artwork by Art. We may or may not add additional one-page comics to this region, so check back in a month or two. (And for the curious, yes, Art did draw the panel displayed on the right.)

Art and Patty Comic Stuff

Patty has an incurable Elf Fetish that she can't seem to beat. Check out her recent "good elf/bad elf" sculptures.


We finally bought a house! Rather, the house bought us. Gasp and cringe at the amount of work we need to do, and congratulate yourself for not being in our shoes!

Our house is a very very very green house

California here we come! We spent a week in San Francisco for our second honeymoon. We had a great time thanks to our friend Miroslav. We stayed in a posh pad in San Mateo, cruised the Ocean Drive to Santa Cruz, strolled through Berkeley, ate bad food in Oakland, hung out at a hooka bar with belly dancers, and lounged in a coffee house/laundromat/blues club. Tag along as we fall victim to San Fran's most famous tourist traps!

Patty underestimates the penalties for jaywalking in California

Art and Patty took a mini-trip to Washington, DC in March of 2003. Join them as they try to survive the nation's most armed police state without getting into a car wreck! Thrill as they explore The Smithsonian Institute's Museum of Natural Science! Sympathize as they decide to cut their DC excursion short by heading up to Baltimore instead!

Art attends a caveman funeral

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