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July 20, 2003From 1994 to 1998, Patty (me) wrote some comic books, including a book of my own. Art contributed illustrations to the books. They're very embarrassing to me now, but they earned a bit of attention in their day. They're sold out for all intents and purposes.

I recently stumbled upon an unopened box of comics that were published by Sirius Entertainment in November of 1997. The artists who contributed to the issue included Ethan Van Sciver (nominated for an Eisner Award for his work on X-Men), Steve Ellis (Lobo etc.), Walter Crane (Sheba), and Art!

For a limited time (basically, until I come to my senses) you can purchase an issue for $4.00 postpaid. Email me for more information. The issue contains four stories ... two true and two not-so true. One of the stories won an award, too.

The following story was published in a magazine called Riot: a short-lived newsstand pop culture publication. The extremely talented Christine Kerrick illustrated the piece. The one-page comic never appeared in any other format.

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